Plastic ID Card Printers: What Are The Sectors Driving Growth

Plastic cards have, over the past 10 years or so, taken the ID card printing sector by storm. Changes are evident in how government agencies are increasingly using ID cards for various activities involving the public to how the public transit systems across Canada are adopting them in place of cash ticketing. These new growth areas are not only boosting the ID card printers industry but also diversifying the manufacturing processes. For more information, there are some helpful resources on the Avon Security website.

Today, terms such as smart card and biometrics have made their way into mainstream media, effectively raising public awareness about the ID card printing industry in general. The high value being accorded by the market to the card printers can be largely attributed to their enhanced quality, efficiency, and performance. This is propelling increased adoption in lots of new sectors.Increased Usage by Government Agencies

The need to issues secure national IDs, social benefit cards, drivers’ licenses, passport cards, patient cards, and healthcare access is growing yearly. In particular, government departments and healthcare sectors have higher need for privacy and security.

The need to meet growing demand from the government and these national agencies will continue to be a major drive for ID Card Printers innovation in years ahead, particularly because no two programs have similar needs. This is largely due to the fact that each government program is unique, requiring durable, secure, compliant, tamper-proof and counterfeit resistant ID cards.

Financial and Banking Industry

The financial and banking card market is expanding rapidly, creating and driving growth in the production of secure ID cards for both workers and customers. This demand for quality ID card printers is boosted by the rising usage of debit and credit cards.

Even though mobile and online payment options are increasingly gaining widespread popularity, they still have much ground to cover before outpacing the usage of cards. Additionally, the majority of mobile payment applications still require to be accompanied by the ID card.

The Transportation Sector

Among the leading card manufacturing trends being seen today is in the Canadian public transportation sector. This sector has already moved from tickets that are paper to contactless smart ID cards. This is giving the card printing sector another impetus to become even more specialized.

The Future of ID Card Printers

The leading factor that is going to shape the ID card printing industry as it becomes universally adopted will be the obligation for printers, partners and providers to have in place effective mechanisms against large-scale counterfeiting and forgery attempts.


The world is changing fast, customers and employers want to be sure that the people they are dealing with are in fact who they claim to be. The photo bearing ID card has today become the number one identity document. Plastic ID cards are bringing convenience, security, and reliability to diverse sectors. Their continued and rising popularity in diverse sectors of the Canadian economy is expected to drive development and innovation in the ID Card Printers industry for many years ahead. For more information, there are some helpful resources on the Avon Security Products website.

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