The Challenges and Rewards of an Animal Control Career

Few jobs that involve dealing with animals are easy. The tasks are unpredictable much like the animals are. If you enjoy the challenges and love helping them, consider a career in animal control. For more information, there are additional resources available at Affordable Pest Control.

The Upsides of Working in Animal ControlMany people do not see working in animal control as a positive career. They see animal control officers as captors who “hunt” animals that are minding their own business. The reality is different for any professional who understands the plight of stray dogs and cats. Their lives are unpredictable and full of dangers that vary from day to day.

As a trained officer, you are saving animals that would otherwise have been hit by cars, abused by humans or left to starve on the streets. In very hot regions, the summer heat becomes unbearable for animals that look for food with no access to water. In the wintertime, they are likely to starve and freeze to death without any shelter.

Controlling animals is a difficult job at times, but it has many rewards. You remove immediate dangers in places where people are terrorized by wild, stray animals. You place animals in shelters where they can be adopted into new homes. Every place needs this officer to maintain the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the community.

You do not have to work in animal control forever. This job leads you into other career fields, such as animal shelter attendant, animal cruelty investigator or wildlife refuge manager.

The Risks of Working with Stray Animals

Few people can ignore the risks involved with working in this profession. The risk of being attacked by a vicious animal, whether small or large, is profound. Every time you go out to work, you risk getting bitten by an animal or contracting rabies.

Also, you must learn to handle the animal firmly but gently enough to avoid causing injury. The physical demands of running around and chasing after animals are intense. Realistically, decide if you are physically fit to perform the duties of this job.

Think of yourself as the professional and the animals as your clients. Some animals become strays because they are sick or injured, so you may have to transport them to the veterinarian for treatment.

Anyone would call animal control to keep their families safe. Many of these animals are dangers to humans, other animals and themselves. Only trained officers are able to solve this common problem. Despite the risks, review the benefits and decide if this career choice is right for you. For more information, there are additional resources available at Affordable Pest Control.

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