Thwart Thieves with the Use of Hard Drive Destruction

Identity thieves no longer have to dig through trash to find your documents. All they have to do is buy your laptop and steal the personal information they find on there. Nearly half of all discarded hard drives and USB sticks contain personal details, according to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. You cannot just throw away your hard drive – you have to destroy it. Learn the main reasons why this procedure is important to protect your privacy and identity. A lot of the resources at Shred-it could be useful if you want more information.

Reasons to Destroy the Hard DriveYou destroy a hard drive when it becomes severely inoperable. The hard drive is the brain of the computer, and when it fails, the entire computer fails. In many cases, you cannot turn on the computer at all or access the operating system.

Hard drive failure happens when it is attacked by an internal or external force. There are several reasons for this, such as water exposure or strong impact. Malware and old age are the most common causes of failure. For any reason, you have to remove the old disk and replace it altogether.

You cannot simply throw away an old hard drive because your personal data is on there. Even if you remove your files in the recycling bin, the files are still recoverable using special data recovery software. Identity thieves use expensive software to hack into computers, so they also have the tools to recover data from carelessly discarded hard drives. Destroying this part of your computer is the only way to protect your information.

Ways to Destroy This Drive

You cannot destroy a hard drive like you would shred documents. A hard drive is a metal rectangular device that is solid and nearly indestructible. Many people think that hitting it with a hammer is effective, but there is no guarantee that the data inside is destroyed. Hard drive destruction is best handled by third party professionals who will take care of the problem easily.

There are companies that specialize in destroying and discarding computer parts. Know how the disks are destroyed and how the parts are discarded. If necessary, find a company to help you recover important data before the destruction. Review the different types of services that vary with each company.

Identity thieves do not rest at stealing documents and hacking into computers if there are easier methods. Hard drive destruction should not be taken likely by any person or business. Find a company to help you protect your most valuable information. A lot of the resources at Shred-it could be useful if you want more information.

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