What It Takes to Become a Customs Broker

The role of a customs broker is to act as a liaison between the government and importers or exporters. These are licensed, highly trained individuals who have considerable knowledge of customs laws and regulations, and their skills and experience are in high demand in many port areas of the country. The compensation for a customs broker can be rather significant in many cases, and the work can be challenging and varied on a day to day basis. With these factors in mind, you may be wondering what it takes to become a licensed broker. If you visit the Orbit Brokers website, you may be able to find more information.

Meet the Qualifications
There is a strong demand for new brokers in the United States, and you may be eager to get started working in this field. However, not everyone is qualified for this position. It is important to review the qualifications before you attend training. The qualifications include being at least 21 years old, having good moral character and not being a current Federal employee. If you meet these qualifications, you may consider moving onto the next step, which is to be trained to be a customs broker. Pass the Training
There is special training available to become a broker, and this training prepares you to take an 80-question examination. You must pass the Customs Broker License Examination, but this is an open book, multiple choice exam, and you have four and a half hours to complete it. After you have passed the exam, you will need to submit your application to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Trade along with the required application fee. The office will need to review and approve the application before you can become licensed to work in this field. Keep in mind that the examination is only administered twice a year at select ports across the country, so it can take time and effort to get in a position to take the test.

If you have decided that you want to become a customs broker for the United States, you are making a wise and lucrative decision. Brokers are in high demand in port cities across the country, and you may find that this job has excellent job security as well as lucrative compensation. While the requirements to become a broker are minimal, the training and education requirements may take a little more time and effort to satisfy. You can begin by studying to take the examination today. If you visit the Orbit Brokers & Forwarders Inc. website, you may be able to find more information.

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